Launch of the R&D project SAVE: Advanced Station for the Valorization of Effluents!

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  • Post published:9 March 2021
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The SAVE project proposes the design, evaluation and performance demonstration of an innovative process coupling for the treatment of domestic water and the resulting sludge. In addition to the elimination of conventional pollution, this redesigned process targets the elimination of micropollutants and antibiotic resistance while maximizing energy production.
Supported by the OCCITANIE region, the Rhône Méditerranée Corse and AdourGaronne water agencies, as well as ADEME, the project coordinated by NEREUS also brings together the skills of the SAPOVAL company and the LGC, TBI, IEM and Le Laboratoire écologie fonctionnelle et environnement public research laboratories.

We look forward to working with you and discussing these issues in the near future!

Consult the press release