You are currently viewing NEREUS is the winner of the “Innover à la campagne” competition!

NEREUS is the winner of the “Innover à la campagne” competition!

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  • Post published:26 January 2023
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We are winners of the OCCITANIE REGION AWARD of the national competition “Innover à la campagne”!

What a feeling of pride & recognition to represent the region The Occitanie / Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region which has been supporting us for almost 10 years!

Our countryside is full of talents, passionate and fighting farmers, daring entrepreneurs and we are happy to be part of the family of the winners of the 4th edition of the contest (187 applications anyway!).

Thank you for the welcome in the magnificent site of the Pont du Gard and for the perfect organization Tiers Lieu – Le 21, thank you for the contagious dynamism of the great witness of this edition Julien Tuffery & thank you for the encouragements of the jury which comfort us in the idea of having had the audacity to create an industrial company in France, at the time of the delocalization.

And THANK YOU for following us in ever-increasing numbers and sharing your interest in our technologies and solutions to your problems.