On one hand, water is by nature source of energy: water may contain heat or chemical energy, water flow makes hydraulic turbines turn and work… But on the other hand, water consumes energy when it’s heated, cooled or treated.

Nowadays, producing highly cleaned water from very dirty water consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, Nereus has invented a system combining water recycling and energy saving.

You don’t have enough high quality water? You would like to reduce your water and energy bills? You want to contribute to the protection of water and natural resources? Use RECYNOV® solution, the only wastewater recycling solution combining wastewater recycling and minimal power consumption!

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Up to 95% of wastewater recycled.

Energy consumption 3 time lower than conventional solutions.

Several possible uses of recycled water:
•  Toilet flushing
•  Laundries
•  Pools, basins and fountains
•  Cleaning
•  Irrigation
•  Cooling towers
•  Drinking water


• Up to 95% of wastewater recycled
• Clean water available 24/7  through the buffer
P&P unit easily connected to the existing pipes
100% automated unit, remote access and control
No addition of products
• Durability, robustness: the life of membranes used by RECYNOV is 8-10 years
Water extracted 100% reusable or compatible with a release in the natural environment
Compact equipment without any disturbance (noise pollution or odor nuisance)



Before Recynov
50 m3/day of water heated to 60 °

After Recynov
> 80% of recycled water, reusable and already heated to 60 °
> Only 10 m3/day of water to be heated


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