When sustainability meets profitability !

NEREUS designs, develops and builds industrial equipment that combines water extraction with low energy consumption.
Our know-how consists in extracting and recycling very high quality water from difficult resources such as waste water, digestate, food and livestock effluents, microalgae, etc.

Our industrial equipments are used by:


Who work towards water self-sufficiency
Who want to recover ingredients and energy contained in their wastewater.
Who have to contain and destroy micro-pollutants.


Public water utilities and collectivities:

Who must reduce withdrawal from natural water resources in the short term.
Who want cheaper water than water from the network.
Who wish to quickly set up a new treatment plant (<5000P.E) or to renovate or increase the capacity of their existing station.
• Who want disinfected water without tertiary treatment.


Developers and operators of ecological habitats:
Who are facing problems of water quantity or quality.
Who want to reduce their water and energy bills.
• Who wish to contribute to the protection of natural water resources.

For biogas producers and farmers:

• Who want to reduce or remove the storage and the spreading of digestate / manure.
• Who want to increase profitability of their biogas plant or farm.
Whose land application sites are too far or who don’t have enough surface for spreading.