Why join our team and not another one?
Because joining us is joining a company:

  • young
  • in which the team is supportive and evolves in a true collegial environment, always in a permanent concern for client satisfaction
  • concerned about gender equality (25% women in 2020, a good percentage for a field that is generally very masculine!)
  • constantly evolving and where versatility and autonomy are the key words
  • where jobs and missions evolve because everything remains to be created
  • environmentally responsible: the team is collectively committed to protecting resources
  • humanly responsible: modulation of schedules, teleworking, training, are all advantages that are proposed.

    You’re curious, you want to learn and are looking to join a very formative company? Our company is for you!
    You are reassured by a certain routine, need to work with the daily support of a strict hierarchy? Do not apply, the start-up universe is incompatible!

Most searched profiles by NEREUS

Pipe fitters - Welders
Automation engineers
Operation technicians
Why did you apply for a job at NEREUS?
NEREUS is an SME, it was in my opinion the best way to progress, learn and gain experience when you start.

What do you like in your job?
Most of all, I like the ambitious projects we develop every day at NEREUS.
Automation engineers