Why join our team and not another one?

Because joining us means joining a company in a pleasant setting, accompanied by sunshine and good humour:

  • In which every voice is listened to and every position has its share of responsibility, with the right to make mistakes
  • In which the team is united and evolves in a climate of mutual aid, always with a permanent concern for customer satisfaction
  • In which positions and functions evolve because everything has yet to be created
  • Environmentally responsible: the team is collectively committed to protecting water resources
  • Humanly responsible: flexible working hours, teleworking and training are just some of the benefits offered.
  • Inclusive: the company regularly welcomes jobseekers, trainees, disabled employees and students to learn more about the business

Are you curious, committed and looking to join a highly formative company? Our company is made for you!

Are you looking to combine autonomy and teamwork in a family atmosphere? Then welcome, our world is made for you!

NEREUS’ most wanted profiles

Pipe fitters - Welders​
Automation specialists
Operating technicians​
Why did you apply for a job at NEREUS?
NEREUS is a small company, and in my opinion, it was the best way to progress, learn and gain experience when you are just starting out.

What do you like in your job?
What makes me want to get up in the morning is the number of ambitious projects that we carry out every day at NEREUS.
Automation specialists​
Why did you apply for a job at NEREUS?
I used to work in a big company and I wanted to experience working in a small
to experience working in a small business. I also wanted to
specialize in the field of water and diversify my missions in
What do you like in your job?
The passion for my job, without hesitation! I like looking for solutions and solving problems.
Operating technicians​​